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portrait of les duberville — founder, owner, operator of ATZ Contracting

I grew up surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. From a young age, I was captivated by the intricate craftsmanship of the homes and buildings in my community. I was always fascinated by the construction process; how different elements came together to create something functional and beautiful.

My family moved to Smiths Falls, a small town in Ontario when I was 10, and my passion for carpentry really blossomed. And as I grew and gained experience, my skills evolved and I realized carpentry wasn’t just a hobby — it was a career path.

After graduating from high school, I enrolled in Algonquin College for Carpentry and Construction Techniques. College provided me a solid foundation in the principles of carpentry: from basic woodworking to advanced construction. I honed my knowledge and skills in various areas like framing, roofing, and finishing work.

I worked with established carpentry companies and gained valuable experience. After a number of years, I decided to start a business that specializes in house construction.

And ATZ Contracting was born.

Over the years, ATZ has grown and I’ve expanded my services to offer a wide range of carpentry work. I’ve developed expertise in various aspects of construction, from ICF foundations and houses to whole-home remodels. I also offer siding and deck installations, which allow me to bring my creativity to outdoor living spaces, too.

Carpentry is not just a job for me — it’s a passion I pursue with enthusiasm. I take such pride in watching a project come to life, from the initial design to final finishing touches. Each day brings new experiences, and I look forward to many more years spent creating beautiful homes and spaces for my clients.

My journey has been fulfilling, and I’m grateful for the opportunities and challenges that have come my way. I’m fuelled by my love for the craft and desire to create exceptional spaces and experiences for people. I strive to leave a lasting impression with every project and I’m excited to help you bring your construction project to life.

Les Duberville


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As a locally and independently owned and operated business, ATZ Contracting thrives on the trust and support of its community and clients. As a result, referrals are a significant portion of our business.

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