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Spacious Main Floor Revamp

In collaboration with SSP Cabinetry, ATZ Contracting spearheaded a comprehensive main floor overhaul that redefined spatial dynamics. The strategic relocation of walls was pivotal in creating an expansive, open-concept layout. Fresh flooring and pristine ceiling work seamlessly united the space, fostering a sense of continuity.

Expanding horizons

By deftly relocating walls, ATZ Contracting maximized every square foot, giving rise to an open expanse that breathes new life into the living area. This transformation heralds a more functional and dynamic space.

Flowing continuity

The luxurious vinyl plank flooring and immaculate ceiling work forms a seamless canvas. This continuity enhances the aesthetic appeal and promotes a sense of unity in the layout.

Airy ambiance in Alabaster

The wall colour, Alabaster by Pittsburgh Paints, was thoughtfully selected to infuse the space with an airy, luminous feel. This understated backdrop allows the custom cabinetry and fireplace to take centre stage, lending an uncluttered, open feel to the room.

A fireplace of distinction

The stone surround, Raven Fusion Stone (from the Great Lakes collection), beautifully complements the fireplace. It adds a touch of rustic charm and creates a cozy ambiance in the living room.

The focal stars

Custom cabinetry by SSP Cabinetry stands as a testament to both form and function. Crafted to perfection, the cabinets offer storage and elevate the visual appeal of the room. The fireplace commands attention as the heart of the living space.

Elevating everyday living

ATZ Contracting’s meticulous attention to detail and expertise in spatial design has culminated in a main floor that not only looks exquisite but also caters to the practical needs of everyday life.

Exceeding expectations

By partnering with SSP Cabinetry, ATZ Contracting created a team of experts that ensured every detail met the client’s vision. This collaborative effort resulted in a space that far exceeded the client’s expectations, illustrating the power of teamwork in achieving exceptional results.


This main floor remodel is a testament to the transformative potential of collaborative expertise. It showcases how bringing together seasoned professionals can turn a vision into a reality, creating a space that is as functional as it is beautiful. Through calculated design decisions, walls were repositioned and a harmonious ambiance was cultivated, resulting in a living area that is both spacious and inviting.

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