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Cutting-Edge ICF Garage

ATZ Contracting proudly presents a groundbreaking project: A 30′ x 40′ ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) garage with soaring 12-foot ceilings. The choice of ICF construction is a testament to our commitment to energy efficiency and climate control. It stands as one of the most superior methods of insulation, ensuring the building remains comfortably heated and cooled year round.

Innovative ICF construction

The utilization of ICF in this garage construction sets a new standard in insulation. The result is a space that maintains optimal temperature levels, regardless of external conditions. This method not only enhances energy efficiency but also contributes to a more sustainable, environmentally conscious build.


Spacious design and elevated ceilings

The generous 12-foot ceilings create a voluminous atmosphere within the garage, providing ample vertical space for storage, equipment, or future modifications. This design element not only enhances functionality but also lends a sense of openness to the space.


A focus on climate comfort

The client’s request to heat and cool the garage spurred the decision to employ ICF construction. This method not only excels in insulation but also ensures that the garage can be comfortably used year round, regardless of seasonal temperature fluctuations.

Setting the standard in insulation

ICF construction represents a pinnacle in modern building methods. By utilizing this technique, we delivered a structure that meets the highest standards in insulation and showcases our dedication to employing the latest and most effective building technologies.


This custom ICF garage project exemplifies our commitment to pushing boundaries in construction methods. By prioritizing energy efficiency and climate control, we’ve delivered a space that not only meets the client’s requirements but also stands as a testament to our dedication to innovative building practices.

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