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ICF Basement with Walkout

ATZ Contracting took on the challenge of crafting a solid foundation for this residence, ensuring not only durability but also a functional walkout basement. The 30′ x 50′ ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) foundation stands as a testament to our commitment to innovative construction methods.

ICF innovation

The use of ICF in this foundation ensures superior insulation and structural integrity. This modern construction technique excels in both energy efficiency and durability, setting the stage for a resilient and comfortable living space.

Walkout accessibility

The inclusion of a walkout adds an element of versatility. It not only provides easy access to the outdoors but also floods the lower level with natural light, transforming it into a functional and inviting living area.

Foundation for prefab excellence:

The 30′ x 50′ ICF foundation serves as the sturdy base for a prefab house. Its precise construction and high-quality materials provide a reliable platform for the placement of the residence, ensuring a secure and long-lasting structure.

Customized footings

Every aspect of the foundation, including the footings, was meticulously designed and executed to meet the specific requirements of the project. This attention to detail ensures that the foundation is not only functional but also tailored to the unique needs of the residence.


This ICF basement with walkout exemplifies our dedication to employing cutting-edge construction methods. The combination of ICF technology and careful craftsmanship lays the foundation for a residence that stands strong and offers a versatile and inviting living space.

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